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Current Stable Version:  v6.2  (December 2016)

Finalized refactor of input handler. This change improves user input testing and evaluation. Evaluation of XS data obtained from lattice code. Ensure no zero or negative XS are allowed in the PMAXS files.

Features: Improved support for WIMS, additional inputs allowed from Serpent. Handle BP histories with CASMO.

Known Bugs: None

Fix: Improved handling for multiple CRs in CASMO.

Previous Version:  v6.1.3  (February 2015)

Generic, off the shelf, cross sections were developed for BWR (HELIOS), PWR (HELIOS), and VVER-1000 (CASMO). These reflector either NRC research, BWR (NUREG/CR-71164), or current practice (PWR/VVER). Cross section and ADF checks have been improved.

Features: Further code restructuring. Improved input processing and error checking. Complete refactor of Serpent data reader for improved robustness. Preliminary support for POLARIS (SCALE).

Known Bugs: None

Fix: N/A

Previous Version:  v6.1.2  (March 2014)

Further test suite expansion and code refactoring. Added the ability to calculated axial discontinuity factors with SERPENT, added support for Serpent v2.  Bug fixes for CASMO (v6.1.1), support for CASMO-5 and S5C options added. Added input to allow more flexibility in user data override and XS data selection. Improved tests for ADFs and user defined acceptance criteria for discontinuity factors.

Features: Further code restructuring. Support Added for Serpent-2, CASMO-5, and finalized Triton-t16 (SCALE) support. Increased user input for related cross section data.

Known Bugs: None

Fix: N/A

Previous Version:  v6.1.1  (March 2013)

Converted our cvs repository to svn. Expanded the test suite to include an improved regression testing framework between ORNL / UM. Added features to read the TRITON-txtfile16, rebuilt and expanded test suite to improve line coverage and features testing. Refactored code for improved modularity. Added support for SERPENT (v1 only).

Known Bugs: CASMO reflector problems will have incorrect ADFs.

Fix: A patch is available through your CAMP representative. It is also been fixed in the upcoming v6.1.2 (October 2013)