Professor Thomas Downar (resized)

Professor Thomas Downar

Professor Downar has worked in the field of reactor physics for nearly 30 years. He has contributed research in the areas of fuel cycle, neutron diffusion algorithms, non-linear methods, reactor dynamics and kinetics, as well as coupled reactor physics. His expertise in LWR has expanded into Gas Reactors, Heavy Water Reactors, and exotic Gen IV reactor designs.

  • B.S. Applied Science Engineering – United State Military Academy, West Point 1974
  • M.S. Nuclear Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1975
  • Ph. D. Nuclear Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1984

Dr. Brendan Kochunas (resized)

Assistant Professor Brendan Kochunas

Professor Kochunas is the lead developer and primary author of the MPACT (Michigan Parallel Characterstics based Transport) code. Currently, leading the development of MPACT and its application within CASL ( constitutes his research activities. As a nuclear engineer his expertise and research interests are in the fields computational reactor physics, radiation transport, high fidelity reactor analysis, and multi-physics. Outside of nuclear engineering, his research interests include high performance computing, numerical methods, parallel algorithms, and scientific software engineering.

  • BS Nuclear Engineering – Purdue University 2006
  • MS Nuclear Engineering – University of California, Berkeley 2008
  • PhD Nuclear Engineering – University of Michigan 2013

Dr. Volkan Seker

Dr. Andrew Ward

Dan Jabaay (resized)

Dan Jabaay