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We are adding content as time permits, but we hope this page will be useful. NuRAM is lead by Prof. Thomas Downar and Prof. Brendan Kochunas.

There are two main areas of research for the NuRAM group. First, Prof. Downar, with several students, have developed and maintained the PARCS Nodal Simulator since 1996. PARCS is the primary neutronics auditing tool use by the US Nuclear Regulator Commission for reactor licensing and evaluation. More information can be found on the PARCS page. The second area of research is centered around MPACT within the CASL program. MPACT is an advanced, full core, 3D, transport solver. Originally developed by Prof. Kochunas for PWR analysis. MPACT is developed by several students and staff between University of Michigan and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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